Embracing the darkness in you doesn't mean you have to go deep into a cave or a closet and find skeletons.
There are no skeletons.
There is only fake consciousness.
A door that has got thicker and heavier and has locks upon locks.
What you’re being asked to embrace is your truth, and say: "Okay, I have separated myself from my light because I thought it wasn’t ‘allowed’ or ‘acceptable’ and that has built a fear in me to become truly who I am."
It's very much time to embrace that truth and open the door, no matter how heavy it feels, as much as you can.
This will raise the vibration in your whole being.
This will open up the door to who you truly are, as I’m saying this, I'm opening some doors of my own that have been shut for some time, and let me tell you, be prepared, because there is a lot behind the door waiting to be experienced.

A lot will open up within your life – opportunities and possibilities - because you are changing the energy within yourself. When you do this, your life is transformed - relationships will be evaluated, what you choose to do with your time and energy will be different.
Because, by remaining fearful of what was behind the heavy door of separation, you have limited yourself. You have become complacent and have ‘put up’ with a life that doesn't suit you because you have been afraid of so many things.

So it's very good news.
Very exciting.
To know that there is no darkness on the other side of the door and that there is only light waiting for you.
Now, in order to open this door, to have this recognition and to let the light in, you are going to experience the first time you had the fear to express yourself. When you were a kid, and you were afraid to show your gifts.
You're going to find your gifts there, you're going to find moments of realization there, so you need to allow yourself to live them, and through this, discover more of who you are.
Through this living of the experience, you will attract to yourself the life that you have been waiting for, and you know that deep down, you have always been waiting for that.
Don't hesitate.

A practice to open the door and let the light in

Breathe deeply, and breathe deeply again, and gently breathe again and now extend each breath.
Allow this gentle energy to surround you with the desire to go deep, and to reach the door that currently separates you from your soul expression, from your light, from your real power.

Where did you lose your power? Let it unfold in your imagination.

Go into the vortex of your heart and see all the doors, locks, the traps, the cave, whatever dark places you have put there to separate yourself from yourself.
Visit the fears that have made this door and these locks, strong, heavy and scary.
Don't be afraid.

It is time to now really release the fears, the lack of truth, the lack of respect for who you really are.
See all the moments you have been complacent with your life, with people, with activities, with relationships.
Breathe in light. Breathe out the lie, the complacency, the limitation, the separation.

If life brings you back to these doors, say ‘thank you’, because it is a sign that it is time for you to become who you are, more grand, more happier, enjoying the life that you deserve, because when there’s no separation, there are no limits between you and yourself, between you and your soul, between you and God, between you and the universal energy that you carry right now, here and forever.
Please breathe out the false consciousness that humanity wanted you to accept as truth. It is time to stop the game.

Amen. Namaste. I love you, you who is inside of me. I love you. I hear you.
I breathe through you. I see through you. I resonate with you. I am that I am, all light indeed. I behold in me the sacred spirit of God, goddess, and the universal light, and I am ready to become, to believe who I am.




When we feel a very strong emotion, it's very often attached to something we’ve left behind in our life that we’ve closed down.
We close it down because we are afraid of it.
We're afraid of what is behind the door.
We block emotions because we know that if we dare to look at them, or if we live these emotions, we fear that we will be in troubled waters and that we are not able to face them or to deal with them.
So instead, we push them deep down, away, somewhere within ourselves, and we close the door.

Whenever you feel anxiety, or a very big depression moment, or some really, really big frustration or irritation and you simply don't want to look at it, what’s happening is a real moment of transcendence.
A moment offered to you by your soul, because behind the door, the place where you’ve kept those strong emotions locked away, is quite sacred.
Because behind the door, it's really who you are that you have kept secret, from yourself and from the world.

Why do you feel the strong emotion? Why does it appear when you thought you’d pushed it down and locked it away?
This is no accident at all.
There is never an accident.
It's always, always prepared by your soul, by yourself, deep down.
Yourself, deep down, wants to live and experience something that has been secretly hidden because it's time to reveal it.
It's time to unleash the power that you hold, that’s currently behind that door you closed shut.

 We have been told all of our lives that what lies behind the door is very frightening.
Some call it the darkness, or the darkness of the soul, or the darkness of the human being.
It's something that is quite dark, that is not friendly, to you as a conscious human being.
The more you think about it, the more you want to escape from it.
Who wants to go into the darkness and face strange creatures?
Very few people.
So what happens is, we have an experience, it triggers a fear (and it's triggering the fear of the past that you have already lived, and you don't want to live that again, right? )
The more you do that, the more intense the need to escape the fear, the more the fear becomes charged.

What you need to know is that what lies beyond the door is not darkness.
It is not frightening at all.
What is frightening is the fear of your emotion, and what is it?
Remember when you were young, and you were afraid to express yourself because you knew that the work of your soul, your light, your infinite love was not accepted, was not allowed, was marked or muted?
Remember when you were told to be like everybody else, to live a ‘limited’ way of being?
Basically, whatever your soul wanted to share as an unlimited expression of love and light, any gift that was without boundaries, any crazy ideas that you, the child, had were not allowed.
At that moment, what happened?
You had an emotion.
You were afraid to express it, but inside you, there was no fear.
So behind that door?
It’s not fear, It's the gift. It's the light. It's the power.

The real power of your soul resides in the place you’ve been taught to fear.

That moment, when you weren’t allowed to share your true expression, a separation between you and the light that that you carry, between you and your soul was created.
This separation became form, it became the door that I’m speaking about.
Each time life asked you to express your gifts or was proposing an idea, or  an opportunity became available, and you were afraid to express it, this separation became wider,  the door became thicker and more heavy.
In the separation, the fear became real and now as an adult, the door of separation is so thick that a false consciousness has been formed.
A fake consciousness telling you that behind the door is fear and darkness.
This is NOT REAL.

It’s time now to embrace your truth.

When there is anxiety rising in you, or depression, or any kind of strong emotion that you cannot hold in your heart or in your mind, recognize that it based on something that you have fabricated to protect the light that is inside.
When people say ‘embrace your darkness’, hello, behind the door is not the darkness.
There's no darkness to embrace.
The darkness is the limit you put on yourself, to stop your light from shining.
When you feel that strong emotion and feel scared, fearful or anxious, visualize the door.
If you open the door, you will realize that there is nothing dark behind it, nothing that will limit you.
It will simply offer you back the power of all that you are, and the light that you will now really shine on the world, that will bring a lot of joy to yourself and to others.


I want to wake up to a better world.
A world where the morning is a meditation, where there is respect for silence.
The gentle breeze of the morning.

The softness and gentleness, where is nothing in the way.

Of meeting bliss.
The bliss is the centre.

There is nothing else.

This energy is the one that soothes you, that heals your mind from becoming crazy with all it’s worries and thoughts…

It is not only a release of stress, it is a cocoon of the soul, a space where spirit is merging with you, in that moment.

This is your essence, and the morning is the closest moment we get to really experiencing it.

As soon as you’re awake, reaching for your phone, entering the material reality, you thicken your skin, you lose the thread of gentleness.

You open eyes and ears to the outside world, and it becomes more difficult to hear yourself and meet yourself in this place.

This is your human life. You don’t need to worry.
You are prepared. You are equipped.
But the trap is when you believe that the equipment is you, that this is your only way to live.
When actually, it is a tool, it is a translator for the here and now.

It is the fabric, it is the brick and mortar, it is the clay.

YOU are the energy.

You feel.
You think.
You decide.
And you use your tools.
You are not the tools.

You borrow these for your expression here.

The morning time, the space between waking and going about your human existence, is an invitation to re-enter the world with gentleness and easiness.

Respect this magical time and place.

Embrace the connection between your soul and the body here.

Reinforce the link, and the communication will follow.

Allow yourself to receive the energy from your soul.

Here is the gateway to your magic.

It is restorative.
It is reinforcing.
It build your faith and belief in who you are.
And it's this place that can guide you, if you let it, throughout your day.

Listening in that space between waking and becoming human, is just natural and divine.

Sometimes you will be awakened by the voice inside of you.

It will make you smile…

It will feel as gentle as a prayer.

Be open to receive in this space.

There is gold held in the silence.
The silence is gold.

The silence is your divine moment of existence.

Connecting to all that is sacred.






When a dream you’ve had is still present, but seems far away or like it’s not working revisit it. 

Redefine it.

What’s holding you back from the realisation of the dream?

What’s getting in the way?

What is not allowing you to jump into it with both feet, to enjoy it, to thrive in it?

Ask yourself these questions and then breathe.

Breathe deeply into your lungs, into your whole body, revive your energy, revive your faith.

Stand still for a moment. 

Let your energy calm down and relax.

You are on a mission to reset your energy, because you took yourself away from the dream.

It’s time to recharge and return to the high energy that brought this dream into being. 

The first step?

To realise where you went off track.

It is only in your moments of stillness,  that your inner voice will connect again. 

Only in that moment that will you receive the energy of the divine.

Only in that moment that you will be able to connect with the dream.

Thank yourself, be grateful and write the new dream into being. 

Write or rewrite. 

Adjust your old dream to your new reality.

You have evolved from the last time you connected to it, and the dream has evolved, so has the world, so have your desires, so has your inspiration.

Yes, dreams need to be readjusted all the time because they’re energetic, they change as both you and the world change.

And if you don’t allow it to grow and expand, you are freezing the dream in an old reality. 

The dream becomes something else, like a prejudiced idea of a dream. 

An old dream can feel like an old outfit you once really loved. 

You have great memories of it, but you don’t want to wear it, it doesn’t fit the times you are currently living in.

Don’t block your own process of a dream, of an idea, of an inspiration.

Let it live its own life. 

This is the reason you have to let it go, and often, so that you don’t imprison it within old energy.

The dream needs to live and flourish in your imagination. Meditate with your dream, let it come to you and show you the possibilities, the next inspiration. Let it not be a goal, but an ever-changing energetic process.

It is very exciting to have a dialogue with the potentiality of life, of your dreams, with the future.

Sometimes I feel nervous, not wanting to deviate from the amazing possibilities life can bring us. But this is fear. It is exciting to travel in time, both in and with creativity.

You can allow and offer yourself this gift of imagination. It holds power inside you. The more you spend time with your dreams in your imagination, in your meditation, the more the dream builds in energy. It becomes a reality in the ether, proving its possibility in your physical world.

Let your inner self travel in time and space into the potentiality of the dream. 

What you can dream, you can create. 

You can tap into the potentiality of your future. 

You can create it in your visualisation. 

You can tap into the emotions it bring up within you.

You can imagine, in detail, what you would like to create. 

It is fascinating how your faith will be nourished with future potentiality at the existence of your dream.  

All creativity lives in a world of magnetic laws. 

You will attract the right energies. 

You will be answered by the universe in perfection to what your energies require, right now, in this moment.  

The dream is defined inside yourself, not outside in the world.

You are the master of this creation. 

It will manifest in response to what and who you are, what and who you are becoming.

Work on yourself to transform your reality.



I feel menopause has been falling on me and I have kind of been under a spell.

And I know it will pass, but I still feel I have the power to reverse its untrue effect on me.


It does not exist.

And actually, it has a weird name.

Menopause. Men-o-pause.

“Meno” for men, moon, month, pause, nothing like a freedom frequency…


Yes, there is a transformation in our female-hood.
We are definitely transforming. But we are taking it into aging.

I think it is perfect to have children in a certain window of your life.
And it is perfect to be a mother, but then it is so perfect to see them grown up and return to your gifts, your soul gifts that need attention… why are we then thinking it is a crisis?

It is a moment to pause, to re-group and re-align with those gifts.

It is not the moment to stop creating.

And it is the male dominating society that has created the belief,

Not being able to be a mother is seen as a decrease of our real value, of our place in society.

Women were seen and shown as the holder of the womb to procreate the next generation.
And the rest?
The rest is suppressed.
This world has tried to suppress the true existence, the creative power of women.

We women have been reduced to that capacity.

And as this capacity begins to fade, there is a whole consciousness that starts to invade your unconscious mind and then it moves into your entire energy, your cells. And the more you believe in it, the more that you believe you’re being reduced to functional being-ness, the more you will feel the menopause as a traumatic experience.

You are becoming ‘irrelevant’ to the creativity of society

And something pernicious can install itself in you at this point.
A feeling of sadness, of aging, of physical swelling…

Then you begin to feel trapped.
I am menopausal. There’s no help, I have no recourse. It is fatal…Oulala…doomy.

I know, deep in me, that all these conditions can be transformed into pure light.

You need to learn, to re-learn that truth.

Menopause does not exist as it is said.

Yes, we transform as women into another phase and form of energy.

We are leaving behind the procreation for our soul creation and actually we need our highest energy here. We are giving birth now to life and beings of a different kind.


Menopause is a perception.

It is a belief seeded in us, that we are losing our grip on life, that the space between us and the active young exciting life is growing wider.

When actually, I have never felt so free and ready to create than I do now.

Yes, I still can see my body taking on some strange form of menopausal traumatic experiences, even more so when you are a dancer, and that the body needs lightness and to be easy going.


Believe you are still forever the goddess of creation.

You don’t need to grieve anything.

Who said I want to still have children?

No, my soul has learnt so much here, and is so ready to bring more to the world.
And in the cycle of life of my soul here, it really feels like she would rather do stuff very differently than to have another child.  
So why would I grieve?
I had my time of babies, and I love my babies immensely and hopefully I am able to love them, infinitely.

I am not ready to copy this consciousness of grieving for when I was a creative womb. I am not ready to mimic this consciousness that considers women done and aged simply because they are no longer fertile.

Actually, I can feel this surge of energy from me as I even consider being from it.

I had my children, but actually it is not even linked to that.
I am also addressing women for who, life has meant that they are not having babies. I am addressing all women, all goddesses.
You are a goddess.

Nothing can stop that.

Each time and phase of life brings you treasures of energy, treasure of creativity, of inspiration, of giving and receiving and exchanging with the world. You all come here to procreate with the world, whatever form it is, it is divine, it is guided by your soul, it is so gifted, enlightened, it is so perfect for the world you are living in.

You are spirit in flesh, you are bringing spirit into matter, to the world, and you thrive doing it.
You are bringing into every day the magic of your soul, of your spirit.

It is not any belief you are not infinite energy that will stop being you, being this goddess here and now.

And yes, menopause is a concept that can stop you from being who you are totally. Because it is a concept that talks about the so-called limitation of who you are.

Actually, menopause is a transformative moment of your life.

Come back to your sacred self.

Connect inside yourself and see the beauty of who you are - a gorgeous goddess of: solar energy, soft energy. A goddess who is giving and compassionate, who is wise, full of beauty, of subtle light, of vivid and strong light, of inner strength, of stillness, of tranquillity…

Come back inside your heart, and connect with the mother, with the universal goddess that you are part of.

Connect and breathe in this energy.

Become and be.

Breathe in.

Breathe this essence of yours.

As you connect, you will feel how much limitation and fear goes against the true nature of the goddess.

A free, infinite force of creative and loving light.

Connect to it and reprogram your mind to it.
Remember what you are.
Not any of these fears, not this shrinking human programming of the woman you are.

Transcend the definition of menopause.

Transcend this limiting concept that you have accepted in your cells, in your consciousness as you were birthed here.

See the limitation, and pray it out of you.
Recognise it is not your thought.
It is not fitting your true and deep nature of infinite freedom and love consciousness.

Watch the matrix of your inner being, of how it is built up energetically, can you see how you are reducing your matrix?

Can you see what’s limited within you?
In your consciousness, where you feel held prisoner because you are not young anymore, asking if it is too late to do this or that?
Do you feel the sadness that it is so-called gone because you’ve been told it’s too late?
How much sadness it brings to our heart and inner energy, which always develop into our body cells and then into physical manifestations of limitations, in the body and in our life.

The cycle of limitation is created here. It’s time to stop and unwind it, breathing in the energy of release, of realness, of truth…

Breathing who you are really, giving the permission to be who you are, my love,


Without any permission from any outside force.

Being bold.

Voicing what is inside.

I am this, and I don’t want to hold it, I don’t want to wait for anyone to give me permission.

I am not believing the modus vivendi, my energies inside are telling me I have lots to express and share with the world.

Let these energies be out there, shared and expressed.

Let this juice become my new youth, my renewal of myself.





Forcing is my ‘thing’ in life.
For example, I know that exercise kills the low energies in the body, so I force myself, even if I am too tired.
And that comes from my dancer mindset.
Go, go, go.
I put too much pressure on me, on my body, that I hurt my knee yesterday.

And release the pressure again.
This is the motto of this eclipse month.

All is fine.
All is well.
All is perfect.
Let the magic return.

Let it take you in its arms.
Don’t force anything for a moment.
Don’t force yourself to do anything, just for today, and see how it works for you.

It is so hard to get out of the ‘mind discipline’.
Yes, we need discipline.
But we do not need to listen to orders that are not suiting your state of being in the moment.
So instead, what we do is, set up a discipline that is based on what is good for us in that particular period of time.

We listen to what works for others, right?
This kind of gym that make people thinner or firmer? Tell me where to go, I will put myself in it.
Oh yes, but what about listening inside first?
How is your body today?

Very often, we take ‘solutions’ from outside.
Why? Because it is much easier than listening to yourself inside.


It is easier these days to copy the ‘solutions’ of others.  
How others live their life and get ‘results’.
Yet, we don’t actually know really what is really going on in their life and how it is all truly reacting in their body.
What we should see and recognise is that they give energy to their self-care.
This is their way.

Your way is to be sure about how you feel.
It is what we hear inside.
It is what the body is telling us.
That is our capital.
That is our wealth.
That is so easy, yet we’ve lost the ease in which to communicate with ourself.
We wake up, and we open the phone, the TV, we talk. we call people.

Basically, at the peak of our inner silence and connection, we jump into the world.

We are not respecting the silence hushing the bliss of the soul, listening to what it has to say.

 We jump up like we are already late, or in need to hear the world telling us what is our programme for the day.
Tell us what we should be, think.
We jump out of ourselves.
We lose the thread.
We do this daily and this is only one example of losing the intimate and close thread to our inner life.

 Listening is your key.
Finding the intimacy.
The key is inside.
The body is talking.

Find the connection to the body.
Honour it. Love it. Pamper it.
Yes, push it to perform, but only when the time is right.

Become the parent.
Trust what you hear.
This will never let you down.

You feel you’ve lost the connection, or maybe you are not sure.
Start by listening.
By making less noise.
The noise covers the inner conversation and the messages from the soul and the body get lost.
We forget the pains we have by making noise, or putting our attention out to the world.
The attention to what we perceive is essential, just isn’t anymore.

Because we avoid it, it is frightening.

Because we feel powerless in front of our pains and anxieties of life.


Because we’ve lost our link to our inner voice.
Because we’ve learnt to listen to outer solutions.
The doctors, the parents, the monks, the coaches. All the people we were told to trust. And we believed it, right?
Until it all shook in our lives.
It did not seem to work.
Here we are, still with our pains and the outer solutions that did not really work.
Then what to do?
Try other solutions, other religions… a never ending circle of listening to others’ ideas.

Nothing will ever work if you don’t harmonise the solutions to what is needed in yourself.

Your body knows.
Your soul knows.
Don’t look for outer solutions, baby.
Come back home.

Stay home and listen.
Find your guidance.
Create your own guide.
Try everything that you feel is good.

You will not find it right away.

It is a path of building up the confidence.
Between you and your inner guidance.
You will make mistakes and you will adjust.
And it is a path of learning. But how empowering!
And the channel of energy will open more and more.
You will build your strength.
And most importantly, you will build your trust in yourself.

Trusting yourself.
That is key for life.
For everything you do.

You know you have the solution inside. Nobody but you has it.

My knee is my teacher today.
I will release the pressure and I will listen to my body and to my soul even more.
Release more pressure.
Blow the breath of self-love and allow myself to be chill, quiet, loving.
Like a sunset breeze.
Like the first hour of the day.
Without any pressure, any duty.
Just being.
Just being for a moment.
Without any purpose.
Letting all parts of me breathe without any push or pull.

Recover the rhythm of the sacred.

Breathing softly into all of me.

Finding my inner lullaby.
Remembering the gentle, the soft, the loving, for a moment.
All my body cells are receiving the realignment.
Rebuilding the self-love.
One breath at a time.




Transform from reactivity to creativity.png

You are conscious of the hypnosis of life, and of the role you were allocated in the grand scenario of your human experience.

The world, your role.

Let’s clear slowly…What is coming to you?

Reactivity or creativity?
Creating your world, that is the key.
Not reactivity.

It’s yummy to create a world in a way that you like it, how you envisage it, based on how you want to thrive within it. To expand that energy around you. Create a world of energy and fun.
Stop being afraid, secluded in your energies of creating, and not showing, because of your fears.

What you create is expandable to the infinite.

Like a wind of joy.
The new realm of me.

Live another kind of life. One that you want to create for yourself and others, spread this light and beautiful energy that you have inside that desperately needs and wants to get out in the world.
People are looking for it, as it will inspire them to look for their own light energy, it will inspire them to dream again, and importantly, to thrive.

Let them receive your gift, so that they can tap into their own.

 How to start this change?
Recognise that you come in, and you are given a role.
You have believed in the whole drama, human consciousness, reasonable equation.
You believed, and when you believed, you forget who you are, really.

You slip into this role that was designed for you.
And you forget your intentions as a soul.
You are under the influence, my love.

You will try to rebel, and you will give up, because you are hypnotised.
Everyone around you is under this influence, we all believe in the same fear-based system.
And yet, you want to create your life under this influence, but you are not creating freely.
You are reacting to what you’re allowed to do and what is being asked of you.

You are in reactivity mode.
Not in free creativity.

So all your life you will try to be happy with this mode of living, until your soul is no longer able to comply.
Then the stop.
All kinds of versions of stops can happen.
It is here that you experience what might almost feel like another kind of birth, because there is a realisation there.

You finally realise there is more than this huge theatre, where everyone is trying to fit in and behave as much as they can.
It is freaky to realise how theatrical this life is, but it is.
How hard it is to be all aligned with our truth, when all the humans around us are not.
It feels like such a powerful moment when you say what you feel, when you show up as you want to show up.

So the whole work is to transform your way of living from reactivity to creativity.

 Ask yourself, when you live, when you create:
Am I reacting? Or am I choosing to live the experience here, am I choosing to experience it all?
Am I creating from my truth, my intuitive self, my joyful being-ness?
Am I trying to please?
Am I trying to copy, resemble, am I afraid to deliver something too far away from the human actual consciousness?
Am I afraid to lose the love from them?
Am I afraid to disturb, or being rejected?

So many fears. Yes.

So it’s better to start from inside, and ask:
Am I happy to be here and to do this?
Am I singing when I create this?
What is going on in my own consciousness when I create here?
What emotions rise up in me?

Find the route to your happy self.
Make peace with your creative self.

It is here, in this space, that you will see the difference between the reactivity and the creativity within yourself. Opening the field of understanding.

The world will be always amazed by non-complacent creations and that is the reality we always forget as we fall into the fear of not complying.
The world loves pure creativity.
Always remember that.

The world will be always amazed by non-complacent creations.

Go for it. Create.



This morning I had to stay still for a very long time in order to find me again.

Until I found my centre and the peace returned.

I allowed the ‘noise’ and internal questioning to calm down and when I did, I found the praying door.

I heard that I, we need to heal in order to get out of our shells, so that eventually we will not need a shell at the end of this process.

It is safe, my love.

You are safe, my love

You are loved.

You are amazing.

This energy we carry makes us so vulnerable because vulnerability is part of who we are. This energy of truth is based on vulnerability.

If it’s not, it is hidden and changed or twisted,

So vulnerable, we are. 

And these periods of change can make us feel weak, and we cry, we shed, its fragile. 

We transmute.

We allow, so that we transform. 

Let it go, let it happen.

Be reinforced in your light. 

Your amazing light.

Don’t let go of the strength of this light. 

Let it direct you to who you are.


Eternal Belonging

Eternal Belonging

Dear love, don’t be sad, life is a stream of joy. We are all raised in the view that joy happens, then leaves and we are left with a hollow space, a void of sadness. But we are connecting to the real stream of life, as nothing stops, it is an evolving journey of love…

Smoky Sparkles or Choose Your True Path

Smoky Sparkles or Choose Your True Path

In meditation today I realised my life programme was set up on a kind of wrong pattern. And I see myself run run running for different activities. And I found myself tired yet still running for stuff and not really enjoying it...

5 Dimensional Living Steps

5 Dimensional Living Steps

It can be stressful to come back to the school year.

I am taking on the stress of my family

I cannot do that to myself!

In my family I tend to do that with everything.

I feel all they feel...

Co Creation in the Fifth Dimension

Co Creation in the Fifth Dimension

Move your energy into a tube of light that connects you to the centre of Mother Earth,
Send the light to exchange with her.
Enjoy the moment...

Renewing Energy Ceremony

Renewing Energy Ceremony

I am that I am, all light indeed.

I am peaceful energy.

I can feel it running in my whole body…

I am that I am.

I am that I am.

I am that I am. 
All light indeed.
I am awakening my tube of light in my etheric body of light. 
I am consciously breathing in it....

A Call to the God-Goddess

A Call to the God-Goddess

Are you ready to ride this new shift? Yes all has been dismantled, everything has been disturbed.I found myself in the energy of fear, of shame and of comparison again...

The Goddess is Dancing

The Goddess is Dancing

She is dancing with life events.
She is seeing stuff coming and going. 
She is still herself, enjoying herself, twirling and dancing...